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New solution enables digital devices for all students

The digital era has dramatically changed how we educate the students of today. It has become crucial for the workers of tomorrow to be ‘digitally fluent’ and competent in the digital world.

Digital devices are becoming increasingly prominent in the hands of students around the world. Teachers are moving their learning programs from an analogue paradigm towards a digital environment, as it’s clear that digital devices as part of a well implemented digital teaching and learning programme will improve learning outcomes.

In fact, in July 2016 the New Zealand Minister of Education announced the official integration of digital technology into The New Zealand Curriculum. Accompanying this announcement was the intention to value digital fluency across all subjects – also known as the appropriate and confident use of technological thinking and tool use.

What’s more, NZQA have revealed that as of 2018, external examinations will start to become digitally administered. These directions place high expectations upon schools to find a solution to ensure all students have access to the appropriate digital devices.

Thus far, it seems these resources will not be provided by the state, which means school communities will have to somehow come up with a solution to ensure that no student misses out.

A solution from Cyclone

Cyclone are in a position to offer a way for schools to achieve student ownership of devices that is both compliant and all-inclusive. This proposal is applicable to various digital devices, which include Apple iPads and MacBooks, PC laptops, Microsoft Surface devices and Chromebooks.

The digital devices provided by Cyclone are to be owned by the students/caregivers and thus will be able to be used both at home and at school.  Here are some of the other features of the solution provided by Cyclone:

  • No credit checks are to be made on families 

  • No liability will rest with the Board of Trustees (BOT) or school
  • The BOT is able to assist with the provision and reduce the cost to the families
  • The school is able to select the appropriate device(s) to meet their education needs/learning outcomes
  • Staff professional learning may be provided to ensure that the digital implementation is successful
  • Wireless network access points will need to be capable of supporting the implementation

Ultimately, Cyclone wishes to implement a fair, scalable, sustainable and viable solution in partnership with the BOT.

To find out more about how Cyclone can help your school, simply fill in the form below.

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