Educators NZ - New app sends kids on wild goosechase this school holidays


New app sends kids on wild goosechase this school holidays

While classes take a break, the goosechase app will keep kids’ minds active and ready to explore. The latest interactive offering from Virtually on Track will showcase the region’s natural and digital landscape this school holidays. 

Virtually on track is a collaborative effort from Sport Bay of Plenty and the Department of Conservation, tasked with highlighting the local reserves, parks and beaches.

The goosechase app will challenge teams to take on a variety of ‘missions’ that are tied to one of three Bay of Plenty locations. The amazing-race-style event will focus on: McLaren Falls Park, The Redwoods (Whakarewarewa Forest) and the Fairbrother Loop Track at Ohope Beach.

Missions fall into two categories, with physical and mental challenges dotted around the three hub locations. From taking selfies with local wildlife, to tracking down native plants, Virtually on Track hopes goosechase will engage kids on a digital level they are familiar with.

Recreation Advisor Lauren Atkinson, says the app is an innovative way to get kids out the door while still learning and having fun these holidays.

“Smartphones and digital devices are an everyday part of our lives. Virtually on Track utilises this technology as a means to explore, play and be active around the Bay of Plenty. Glow worms, native wildlife, unique track and trails – there’s so much to discover. While on the hunt to complete your next goosechase mission, you never know what you may learn along the way!”

Team progress is recorded in points and users are encouraged to chase bonus points and try to be top of leaderboard.

Atkinson assures that the app works well and is plenty of fun.

“Goosechase has been tried and tested by the Sport Bay of Plenty team. It provided plenty of laughs and friendly competition - plus it’s a guaranteed to get the heart pumping.”

The app is free to download and challenges can start being completed from April 14. These will run until 7.30pm April 30, so last minute points can be scored before heading back to school.

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