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New diversity scholarships for aspiring web developers

Enspiral Dev Academy has announced the introduction of two new diversity scholarships available for those interested in learning the ins and outs of web development.

Each scholarship is worth $2000. One is to support women and nonbinary gender identities to be able to complete the Dev Academy programme, and the other is for Māori and Pacifika applicants interested in web development. They are available for the upcoming Horoeka and Kea cohorts which start May 1st in Auckland and Wellington.

The course is 18 weeks long, and described by Enspiral Dev Academy as “an intensive, full immersion bootcamp where students learn the tools they need to become junior web developers.” The Dev Academy programme is industry-led, with a heavy focus on practical and hands on work. They use a ‘whole person’ approach to to help students become job ready with a high level of personal as well as technical skills.

Dev Academy found success in Wellington, and has recently expanded to Auckland. Their brand new industry hub and interactive web development classroom is located in Eden Terrace.

A key part of Dev Academy’s mission is to see an increase in parity in the demographics of the digital technology sector. They want the diversity of digital technology workers to reflect the real demographics of New Zealand demographics as a whole.

Dev Academy is “thrilled to be able to work to bring more diversity into the technology sector, and hopes these scholarships will help more people take the leap into learning to become web developers.”

Dev Academy stresses that web developers do not need special gifts, and are simply looking for people who are passionate about technology, want to learn and solve problems, are looking for a new challenge and want to fast track their web development career.

Applications close 19th April at 6pm. For those interested, you can use the application page on the website to enrol and tick the box indicating your interest in being considered for the Diversity Scholarship.

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